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Having or giving off an odor; odoriferous.

[Shortening of odoriferous.]
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another word for odoriferous
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As the barrel is emptied, the liquid left gets more and more odiferous and that's when the laughing and funny faces begin.
Author and wildlife expert Gary Bogue highlights skunks' sweet natures (odiferous spray notwithstanding), and full-color illustrations by Chuck Todd add even more information to a fact-packed tale for children ages 4-8, making in an ideal and highly recommended addition to family, daycare center, preschool, elementary school, and community library Pets/Wildlife picture book collections.
The West Indians use the leaves to reduce the rather odiferous problems that the ageing goat may present at religious celebrations.
These two little pockets of power sit on either side of the anus and excrete a heinous, lingering, odiferous material that only a skunk would find agreeable.
"Find me a subject that stinks as a subject but stinks in a particularly odiferous way." Yet there is more to his gags than their stench.
However, when the researchers analyzed the odiferous hydrocarbons on the ants' bodies--the ant world's way of cueing the insects into whether they are encountering a nest mate or an outsider--they found that neither of these explanations told the entire story.
Following top irritations, in order, all at under 5 percent were people who watch videos on their mobile devices without headphones; drunk passengers; people who brought odiferous food on board; no snacks offered by the airline; armrest stealers; trash left in seat pockets; overly chatty seatmates and barefoot passengers.
The oil is heated at 200 degree centigrade or more, which removes all impurities including water and other odiferous materials by disintegrating them and turning them into gaseous state.
"If an unfortunate human were ever to descend through Uranus's clouds, they would be met with very unpleasant and odiferous conditions," study lead Patrick Irwin from the University of Oxford said while describing the foul odor present in the planet's upper atmosphere.
(14,15,17,21) The essential oil (about 0.1%), known as "Orris butter", consists of about 85% myristic acid, with irone (odiferous constituent with violet-like odor), [gamma]-dihydro-irones, ionone, methyl myristate (22,30), and other substances such as fat, resin, starch, mucilage, bitter principle, glycoside--iridin, and small amount of tannin.
The odiferous thirdhand smoke residue, composed of tobacco smoke toxins and known cancer-causing agents, adheres to house dust, furniture, carpets, walls, window glass, and other surfaces.