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One of the cells forming the outer surface of dental pulp that produces the dentin of a tooth.

o·don′to·blas′tic adj.


(Dentistry) any of a layer of cells lining the pulp cavity of a tooth and giving rise to the dentine
oˌdontoˈblastic adj


(oʊˈdɒn təˌblæst)

one of a layer of cells lining the pulp cavity of a tooth, from which dentin is formed.
o•don`to•blas′tic, adj.
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in 2010, and they conducted that the PRF causes proliferation of human dental pulp cells and increased the protein expression of these dental pulp cells differentiate into odontoblasts like cells by upgrading OPG and ALP expression of odontoblastic differentiation.
One day after the cavity preparation, the histological analysis of the dental pulp showed mild PMN inflammatory infiltrate and a column-shaped odontoblastic layer that surrounded the usual connective tissue elements of the pulp (Figure 1).
Many studies have demonstrated that water cooling is required to reduce the increase in pulpal temperature and improve the ablation rate during cavity preparation; this is to avoid odontoblastic alterations and inflammatory response in the pulp chamber beneath the preparation.
sup][11],[12] In addition, PC facilitated odontoblastic differentiation on human periodontal ligament fibroblast and human pulp cell.
DSPP is a dentin extracellular matrix protein that functions as an initiator of mineralization and considered one of the specifically odontoblastic markers (Lee et al.
Mechanical instrumentation of root canals produces a smear layer comprising organic and inorganic substances, such as dentin particles, necrotic debris, microorganisms, and odontoblastic processes [2].
The possible causes of taurodontism have been enumerated by Mangion4 as follows: 1) A specialized or retrograde character 2) A primitive pattern 3) A Mendelian recessive trait, 4) An atavistic feature and 5) A mutation resulting from odontoblastic deficiency during dentinogenesis of the roots.
In the three groups, this proteoglycan had weak expression in dentin, in the odontoblastic layer and in the adjacent resorption zone.