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Having or giving off an odor, especially a strong or unpleasant one: an odoriferous bag of garbage.

o′dor·if′er·ous·ly adv.
o′dor·if′er·ous·ness n.


(ˌəʊdəˈrɪfərəs) or


having or emitting an odour, esp a fragrant one
ˌodorˈiferously adv
ˌodorˈiferousness n


(ˌoʊ dəˈrɪf ər əs)

yielding an odor, esp. one that is pungent or unpleasant; odorous.
o′dor•if′er•ous•ly, adv.
o`dor•if′er•ous•ness, n.
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Adj.1.odoriferous - morally offensive; "odoriferous legislation"
unsavory, unsavoury, offensive - morally offensive; "an unsavory reputation"; "an unsavory scandal"
2.odoriferous - emitting an odor; "odorous salt pork and weevily hardtack"
3.odoriferous - having a natural fragranceodoriferous - having a natural fragrance; "odoriferous spices"; "the odorous air of the orchard"; "the perfumed air of June"; "scented flowers"
fragrant - pleasant-smelling


[ˌəʊdəˈrɪfərəs] ADJodorífero


adj (form)wohlriechend, duftend
References in classic literature ?
The chimney of the new house, in short, belching forth its kitchen smoke, impregnated the whole air with the scent of meats, fowls, and fishes, spicily concocted with odoriferous herbs, and onions in abundance.
Moreover, as that of Heidelburgh was always replenished with the most excellent of the wines of the Rhenish valleys, so the tun of the whale contains by far the most precious of all his oily vintages; namely, the highly-prized spermaceti, in its absolutely pure, limpid, and odoriferous state.
And higher then that Wall a circling row Of goodliest Trees loaden with fairest Fruit, Blossoms and Fruits at once of golden hue Appeerd, with gay enameld colours mixt: On which the Sun more glad impress'd his beams Then in fair Evening Cloud, or humid Bow, When God hath showrd the earth; so lovely seemd That Lantskip: And of pure now purer aire Meets his approach, and to the heart inspires Vernal delight and joy, able to drive All sadness but despair: now gentle gales Fanning thir odoriferous wings dispense Native perfumes, and whisper whence they stole Those balmie spoiles.
Oswald, broach the oldest wine-cask; place the best mead, the mightiest ale, the richest morat, the most sparkling cider, the most odoriferous pigments, upon the board; fill the largest horns* Templars and Abbots
There were large bottles filled with serpents, ticketed according to their species; dried lizards shone like emeralds set in great squares of black wood, and bunches of wild odoriferous herbs, doubtless possessed of virtues unknown to common men, were fastened to the ceiling and hung down in the corners of the apartment.
He stretched forth his hand, and touched stone; he rose to his seat, and found himself lying on his bournous in a bed of dry heather, very soft and odoriferous.
But the scullery you would not care to see; it is greasy, dirty, and odoriferous, while the stairs are in rags, and the walls so covered with filth that the hand sticks fast wherever it touches them.
Leaving it to pursue its journey at the pleasure of the conductor aforementioned, who lounged gracefully on his little shelf behind, smoking an odoriferous cigar; and leaving it to stop, or go on, or gallop, or crawl, as that gentleman deemed expedient and advisable; this narrative may embrace the opportunity of ascertaining the condition of Sir Mulberry Hawk, and to what extent he had, by this time, recovered from the injuries consequent on being flung violently from his cabriolet, under the circumstances already detailed.
No; without a gown, in a shift that was somewhat of the coarsest, and none of the cleanest, bedewed likewise with some odoriferous effluvia, the produce of the day's labour, with a pitchfork in her hand, Molly Seagrim approached.
leisure, at twelve o'clock in the day, are the graceful and odoriferous result of the largest oil-mill and the most extensive wharf in St.
The odoriferous gas is continuously released from the surface of the slurry and fouled floor surfaces (MAFRA, 2010).
Meyers and Zein-Eldin (1972) discovered that carideans have a strong preference for more odoriferous foods, because diffusion of certain substances in the water stimulated individuals to approach.