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(ˈəʊdəˌraɪz) or


vb (tr)
to give an odour to or impart a smell to
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(ˈoʊ dəˌraɪz)

v.t. -ized, -iz•ing.
to make odorous.
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Verb1.odorize - cause to smell or be smellyodorize - cause to smell or be smelly    
cause to be perceived - have perceptible qualities
smell up, stink out, stink up - cause to smell bad; fill with a bad smell
aromatise, aromatize, perfume - fill or impregnate with an odor; "orange blossoms perfumed the air in the garden"
cense, incense, thurify - perfume especially with a censer
deodorise, deodorize, deodourise - eliminate the odor from; "This stick will deodorize your armpits"
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Sabre-rattling of the most corrosive hue flew right, left and center on the social media; ingenuous and creative posts were made to either demonize or odorize the two presidential contenders - Buhari and Atiku Abubakar.
The principle is based on the mixing and/or dilution of 2 to 12 gas standards and may be used with virtually all types of analytical instruments, with applications such as analyzer calibration and validation, odorize natural gas, synthetic gas mixture generation, glove box atmosphere control, reactor gas feeding, sample conditioning prior to analysis and more.
In the thick of the face-off between him and Atiku, Obasanjo very much damaged the brand of his ex-Customs boss deputy that it would take the whole heaps of deodorant in the whole world to odorize. While Obasanjo gave the impression that Atiku was a Smart Alec who cornered the wealth of the nation in the privatization exercise of his government, the Petroleum Trust Development Fund, (PTDF) and sundry other governmental honeycombs, Abubakar, to recompense his boss' sting, also alleged that Obasanjo bought a 607 luxury car for one of his woman friends, a lady the former president allegedly swindled off an Abeokuta kinsman of his under the pretext of defreezing the couple's matrimonial ice.