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also Oed·i·pal  (ĕd′ə-pəl, ē′də-)
Of, relating to, or characteristic of the Oedipus complex: oedipal conflicts.

oed′i·pal·ly adv.


(ˈɛd ə pəl, ˈi də-)

adj. (often cap.)
of, characterized by, or resulting from the Oedipus complex.


[ˈiːdɪpl] ADJ [conflict, situation] → edípico
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Yasser Abdellatif's short story " A Study in Oedipal Love " appeared in the December " cultural bouquet " from Jadaliyya in Robin Moger's translation:
Their topics include Tory-Papists and Ford's The Good Soldier, the silences of modernism, the motive for metaphor: the words of a sentimentalist, rewriting trauma: The Good Soldier as a modernist chronicle, not just another perplexity, hysterical detection, the discourse of indecency, and Oedipal melancholia and masochism.
In his earliest works Lacan makes this association by maintaining that the Law is first introduced by means of the Oedipal complex since the father intervenes with this unity of mother/child, functioning as the reminder of the taboo on sexual desire and of castration as a punishment (Lacan, Psychoses 156).
There is also the play of anamnesis and amnesia, the quest for past and self, the search for the father, and Oedipal configuration.
The Oedipal confrontation between generations, one of the main aspects of the whole youth movement of 1968 and its relationship to the nation's Fascist past, is the object of the second chapter ("Contesting National Memory: Male Dilemmas and Oedipal Scenarios").
Freudian psychoanalytic theory, as well as its critique by Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari, suggests, however, that the two novels are actually stories of Oedipal sons who dare to defy the authority of their fathers by refusing to defer the fulfillment of their desire.
So too has the child's relationship to the oedipal father, a cornerstone figure of Freudian theory.
If that's not enough to provoke a reverse Oedipal crisis, I don't know what is.
You Are Not Who You Claim won the Milton Acorn Award; Oedipal Dreams was nominated for a Governor-General's Award, and her work in literary magazines has won a National Magazine Award for Poetry.
Dan Algrant's well-crafted third feature focuses primarily on the younger musician, who's strikingly ff somewhat off-puttingly portrayed as a petulant man-boy acting out his Oedipal issues in bratty self-absorption.
Coraline's encounters with the family in the world on the other side of the brick wall have drawn considerable interest from critics many interpreting the text as a Freudian/Lacanian psychodrama of identity formation (most notably the oedipal crisis and its resolution) in which conscious and unconscious desires are in constant tension especially around mother/child relationships (Rudd).
In most cases, the mother's role is merely to spur the Oedipal longing that forms the Spanish Romantic hero's relationship with his beloved.