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also e·no·phile  (ē′nə-fīl′)
One who appreciates, enjoys, or collects wine; a wine connoisseur.

[Greek oinos, wine + -phile.]

oe′no·phil′i·a (ē′nə-fĭl′ē-ə) n.
oe′no·phil′ic (-fĭl′ĭk) adj.


(ˈiːnəˌfaɪl) or


a lover or connoisseur of wines
[C20: from Greek oinos wine + -phile]


(ˈi nəˌfaɪl)

one who loves or is a connoisseur of wine.
[1925–30; < French < Greek oîn(os) wine + -o- -o- + French -phile -phile]
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Noun1.oenophile - someone who appreciates wine
appreciator - a person who is fully aware of something and understands it; "he is not an appreciator of our dilemma"


enophile (US) [ˈiːnəʊfaɪl] Nenófilo/a m/f
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I was pleased to discover a wonderful chenin blanc there, absolutely fantastic, which they serve chilled with a first-class bread stick,' says Dale, a serious oenophile and resident of Sonoma County, California, one of the finest wine regions in the world.
This enoteca offers a wide range of Portuguese wines, each carefully chosen by oenophile experts (notably JoEuo Paulo Martins, author of the esteemed Wines of Portugal guides).
If the claim arises from the liquor as a beverage--for example, if a bad bottle of wine sends a budding oenophile to the emergency room, the exclusion would not apply.
Presented by Dr Andreas Emmanouel -- doctor in viticulture and oenology, president of the Cyprus Oenophile Club, president of the Cyprus Wine Experts Committee and lecturer at the Limassol Institute of Technology -- the series is aimed at those who already known quite a bit about the nectar of the gods, and will focus on the natural cycle of the vine, local varieties and how to taste wine in the proper manner.
I have stated before that one of the worst things an oenophile can face is a blind tasting.
Par exemple, les refus d'integrer la normativite oenophile ne sont pas interpretes comme des formes de resistance et sont plutot reduits a une mauvaise maitrise de ses normes.
One suspects the oenophile analogy would not receive much approval from today's art critics, nor most likely would the writer's quoting from Joshua Reynolds' The Idea of Beauty.
The winery has a state-of-the-art processing unit that uses gravity to process grapes and a terrace overlooking the hills to welcome oenophile tourists.
From the most serious oenophile to the beginning taster, California's diverse wine regions have something for everyone.
Stanley Tucci is exactly the right person--he's well known, likeable and an oenophile.
Just before jetting off to Gay Days at Disney World, the longtime oenophile gave us his favorite picks for summer sipping.
Oenophile Bishop Ralph Spence, of the Hamilton, Ont.