Off stump

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(Cricket) the stump farthest from the batsman.

See also: Stump

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Chandimal had no idea about the Doherty delivery that pitched on off-stump and straightened, playing nowhere near it as the ball went on to knock over middle and off stumps, News.
His next ball was a carbon copy, but he tried to play forward with both feet behind the crease, and heard the clatter of middle and off stumps.
Even allowing for unhelpful conditions, Steyn and Morkel bowled too much wide of off stump, and only Makhela Ntini was anywhere near Test standard bowling.
Had India's top batsman played forward to the line, instead of half and half and about three inches leg side of the line, the ball would have hit him squarely on the pad, instead of flicking it and thence on to middle and off stumps.
The ball pitched around off stump and was too straight to try to chop past point.