off the top of my head

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Over the past few years, just off the top of my head, I can think of Anna-Marie Holmes from Boston Ballet, Ben Stevenson from Houston Ballet, Martin Fredmann from Colorado Ballet, Alison Chase from Pilobolus, all of whom have, euphemistically, been "let go.
There must be a better use of public funds, improving the access into the new hospital' free disabled parking at the hospital' education' social services' street cleaning' improved pavements' care of the elderly and disabled' are a few suggestions off the top of my head.
I don't think I can name 10 bands off the top of my head that have done that.
In an industry that has hundreds of players, I'm able to rattle off the top of my head under 10 who have said they are going to deal with climate change," says Jessica Holliday of Environmental Defense, a nonprofit organization that works with companies on market-based pollution solutions.
I pretty much rattled this stuff off the top of my head.
He'll have to go Group racing now, as he's beaten the best of the rest and, off the top of my head, the Horris Hill would be the right sort of race.
Italian military history of the period is even more obscure, as studies of high culture have predominated at the expense of the traditional political-military narrative--I could not, off the top of my head, recall what the War of Castro was all about or who fought it.
Although I don't claim to know the Impact Factors of psychiatry and psychology journals, the one I know off the top of my head is the Archives of General Psychiatry.
I believe, off the top of my head, there are at least six buildings plus the proposed ones at St James just for students, ie the old Oxford Galleries, Newgate Centre, the building in Neville Street, the two buildings on Barrack Road opposite St James Park plus the places C.
I couldn't think off the top of my head so they kicked us out, took the tickets off us and said we couldn't watch the band because we didn't know enough information about them.
When asked if he could recall a busier evening, Hart said: "Not off the top of my head.
The ball glanced off the top of my head and into the far corner of the net for a goal so memorable Thistle fans printed T-shirts of it.