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(ôf′do͞o′tē, -dyo͞o′-, ŏf′-)
1. Not engaged in or responsible for assigned work.
2. Of or relating to the periods when a person is not engaged in or responsible for assigned work.


(of a soldier or police officer, etc) not working


1. not engaged in the performance of one's work.
2. pertaining to or during a period when a person is not at work.


[ˌɒfˈdjuːtɪ] adj (policeman) → non in servizio
References in classic literature ?
That was why he made, in odd moments of off-duty, turtle-shell combs and hair ornaments for profit, and was prettily crooked in such a matter as stealing another man's dog.
After the altercation, the off-duty cop handed over his baby to his wife who took shelter in an aisle behind a shelf.
This shooting by the off-duty officer was not captured on video, owing to the circumstances.
The Township Of Bloomfield Seeks The Management And Administration Of The Bloomfield Police Department%s Off-duty Detail On Their Behalf.
The motorist said: "Hats off to the nurse, off-duty paramedic and offduty firefighter who helped at the scene.
Ragusa, Sicily, police official Antonino Ciavola said the fire department's command centre tipped off authorities that one squad of off-duty firefighters was being disproportionally called to fight fires.
Whether off-duty or on, what all those who tended for Richard share is a sense of duty.
An off-duty police officer stopped and directed traffic while an off-duty nurse gave first aid.
Driving on Athalassa Avenue in Nicosia with her window half open, an off-duty police officer detected the pungent smell and followed her home.
It's the very first of its kind, and brings the management of off-duty details into the 21st century," said Bill Kicklighter, CEO.
An off-duty police officer saw the two and rescued the child while the woman managed to make her own way to safety.
West Rogers Park resident David Kamish organized the patrols, collecting $25 a month from over 25 families to pay the off-duty copy.