off-line operation

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: operation - a operation performed by off-line equipment not under the control of the central processing unit
operation - (computer science) data processing in which the result is completely specified by a rule (especially the processing that results from a single instruction); "it can perform millions of operations per second"
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Whereas most plasma treating for plastic to TSE is performed in an off-line operation with a low pressure plasma apparatus (vacuum), atmospheric pressure plasma treatment could be incorporated into a two-shot operation to treat the plastic prior to being overmolded.
The company was initially intended to produce hologram and foil rotary stamping modules for off-line operation on pre-printed paper webs, using Gallagher's patented FoilSaver system for rotary hot-stamping in register with foil advance independent of web speed (see HN Vol 16 No 7).
The new RDM-K series is suitable for both off-line operation with supply from roll stock and also for in-line operation with a flat film extruder.
In a typical off-line operation, the tube will come out of the extruder and into the slit-sealer, which will form two lanes of tubing that then feed into a two-up bag machine.
ProSoft Calenders (Multi Nip Calenders) provides highest gloss and smoothness values for SC-Grades for on or off-line operation.