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 (ôf′ôf-brôd′wā′, ŏf′ŏf-)
The theatrical productions in New York City that are performed in the smallest or least established venues, often featuring avant-garde or experimental works.

off′-off-Broad′way adv. & adj.


of or relating to highly experimental informal small-scale theatrical productions in New York, usually taking place in cafés, small halls, etc. Compare off-Broadway
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When I wrote 'The Parisian Woman,' " Willimon notes, "it was commissioned by the Flea Theater, a small, 65-seat off-off-Broadway house that is much more akin to the basement of the Drama Bookshop than any Broadway theater.
Anthony are buried, four sites significant in African-American history, and an Off-Off-Broadway theater in New York City that is important in LGBT history.
It's the meaty, meta stuff of off-off-Broadway, and it's the latest product from the minds of the collective known as Lost & Found.
Initially an Off-Off-Broadway organization, Roundabout will become one of Gotham's premier nonprofit theatre institutions as the proprietor of several spaces, including three Broadway houses, Off-Broadway's Laura Pels, and the black-box Roundabout Underground.
as a 'rock monologue,' which was produced off-off-Broadway in 1990.
BLDZR: The Gospel According to Moses is a new well-intentioned but overly simplistic off-off-Broadway rock musical in the tradition of Rent.
Originally a low- budget 1960 film (with Jack Nicholson in a minor role), it was adapted in 1982 as an off-off-Broadway musical.
It then had a stint off-off-Broadway, where its potential was spotted by producers who brought on Schwartz and gave him five weeks to compose new music.
The Divine Miss M began her career in the '60s with Off-Off-Broadway roles and a Broadway role in "Fiddler on the Roof.
Many of the adult musicals in the 1970s originated Off- or Off-Off-Broadway, with few of the commercial tie-ins of larger shows.
Of special note are the succinct synopsis, casts, and contributors for Broadway, Off-Broadway, Off-Off-Broadway, and regional threatre productions for the past year.
The author goes on to explain terms that are commonly used, such as Off-Broadway and Off-Off-Broadway