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 (ôf′ôf-brôd′wā′, ŏf′ŏf-)
The theatrical productions in New York City that are performed in the smallest or least established venues, often featuring avant-garde or experimental works.

off′-off-Broad′way adv. & adj.
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of or relating to highly experimental informal small-scale theatrical productions in New York, usually taking place in cafés, small halls, etc. Compare off-Broadway
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I'd say if BBC Radio 1 could be compared to Broadway in New York City, then Beats In Space is Off-Off-Broadway. It's anti-commercial and experimental.
I was able to support myself whereas in the Off-Broadway and Off-Off-Broadway houses I was working in, they'd pay $125 a week so I couldn't really live on that.
I first encountered the playwright and activist Eve Ensler in 1996, when she was starring in her pivotal work, The Vagina Monologues, Off-Off-Broadway at a small Soho theatre called HERE.
The coffeehouse will be considered the birthplace of the Off-Off-Broadway movement and will feature plays with gay themes and characters during a period in which portraying homosexuality onstage is illegal.
Today, he's starred off-off-Broadway, performed at the Oscars and tapped on "The Ellen Show," and, shortly after our cover shoot, he flew to Egypt to dance for that country's president.
"When I wrote 'The Parisian Woman,' " Willimon notes, "it was commissioned by the Flea Theater, a small, 65-seat off-off-Broadway house that is much more akin to the basement of the Drama Bookshop than any Broadway theater." What convinced "Parisian" producer Viertel that the play might thrive in the big time was that it had a big, meaty role for a star -- not to mention a writer who, by virtue of his Netflix adaptation of "House of Cards," had a potential fan base of his own.
It's the meaty, meta stuff of off-off-Broadway, and it's the latest product from the minds of the collective known as Lost & Found.
The scope of the book is wide (some may see it as diffuse), and Geis includes sections on film and various off and off-off-Broadway theatrical groups that participated in the Beat Zeitgeist in the 1950s and 1960s.
BLDZR: The Gospel According to Moses is a new well-intentioned but overly simplistic off-off-Broadway rock musical in the tradition of Rent.
Originally a low- budget 1960 film (with Jack Nicholson in a minor role), it was adapted in 1982 as an off-off-Broadway musical.
It then had a stint off-off-Broadway, where its potential was spotted by producers who brought on Schwartz and gave him five weeks to compose new music.