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(ôf′thə-rĕk′ərd, ŏf′-)
Not for publication or attribution: off-the-record comments by the senator.


1. not for publication; not to be quoted.
2. confidential: off-the-record information.


[ˌɒfðəˈrekəd] ADJno oficial, extraoficial


1. adjufficioso/a
2. advin via ufficiosa
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A joint letter from a group of news outlets and journalism organizations -- ranging from The New York Times to Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press -- is being sent today to some 600 press secretaries urging them to stop the practice of off-the-record public speeches or briefings.
Added Rick Blum, coordinator of the Sunshine in Government Initiative: "In today's age of Twitter and blogs, an 'off-the-record' speech will be publicized, just not by reporters.
In one of TWST's insightful off-the-record pieces, TWST talks in confidence to leading analysts at brokerage firms about their views of top management in the retail industry, and asks which of those CEOs are doing the best job in maximizing value for their shareholders.
The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's Journalistic Standards and Practices includes a section on rights of participants and interviewees, which says: "Care should be exercised not to take unfair advantage of members of the general public who may be ignorant of certain journalistic practices; for example, the difference between on- and off-the-record interviews, or the attribution of particular comments or opinions."