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 (ôf′găs′, ŏf′-)
intr. & tr.v. off·gassed, off·gas·sing, off·gas·es or off·gas·ses
To outgas.
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Paraffinic frac spreads within the offgas processing business were particularly impacted by low North American propane pricing and Alberta butane pricing.
The new world class steam cracker will produce ethylene and other basic chemicals out of naphtha and refinery offgas.
In Scotland, more than a third of offgas households fall within this bracket, increasing the risk of winter deaths.
Trace nitrogen-containing species in the offgas from two oil shale retorting processes.
They consider such topics as metallurgical offgas cooling and cleaning, the catalytic oxidation of SO2 to SO3, the second catalyst bed heatup path, the three catalyst bed acid plant, acid temperature and control and heat recovery, wet sulfuric acid process fundamentals, and the cost of sulfuric acid production.
So, for example, if there was 50% bio or offgas available and the heating demand was 75%, then 50% of this would be bio or off-gas and 25% base fuel.
Williams will extract, transport, fractionate, own and market the natural gas liquids and olefins recovered from the offgas at the oil sands producer's upgrader near Fort McMurray, Alberta.
Disregard the many facets of furniture specification, however, and your investment could be soured with furnishings that offgas VOCs, damage easily, cause poor ergonomics, frustrate users, and can't be repurposed.
The new compressor station will be designed to compress and deliver about 60 mmscfd of a mixture of associated and refinery offgas.
But his side almost paid price for taking foot offgas. 7 DAMAGE limitation might have been the main aim for the Dons and at least they managed that.
4 and also the Steel-plant Offgas project represent over pounds 200m investment which will enable us to make more - and better - steel and, at the same time, make further contributions to protecting our environment."
The expansion will allow the plant to increase its gas throughput, which is planned to reach 285 million standard cubic feet per day (MMSCFD) of associated gas and 18 MMSCFD of refinery offgas by 2014.