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incumbent, officeholder - the official who holds an office
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(əˈfiʃəli) adverb
1. (negative unofficially) as an official. He attended the ceremony officially.
2. formally. The new library was officially opened yesterday.
3. according to what is announced publicly (though not necessarily true in fact). Officially he is on holiday – actually he is working on a new book.
officiate (əˈfiʃieit) verb
to do the duty or service of an office or official position. The new clergyman officiated at the wedding.
officious (əˈfiʃəs) adjective
offering help etc in order to interfere. His mother-in-law is so officious that he does not let her visit his house.
ofˈficiously adverb
ofˈficiousness noun
ˈoffice-bearer noun
a person who holds a position of authority in a society etc.
through the (kind) offices of
with the help of. I got the job through the kind offices of a friend.
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Highlighting the teachings of Gandhi, INCAS office-bearer Basheer Thoovarikkal said the life and messages of Mahatma Gandhi are still relevant in the present age, especially in view of the rising intolerance in society.
Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB) president Ganguly is one name that every office-bearer wants in the panel.
Among the 15 reports of violence and/or intimidation, eight office-bearers said their workers were attacked, six party representatives reported acts of intimidation, and one political party office-bearer said the party workers were stopped from campaigning.
MPA Kulsoom Chandio also attended the oath taking ceremony of the office-bearers of the SCHWA.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Jun 08 (ANI): The Ministry of Home Affairs has warned of penal action against NGOs who have changed their office-bearers or key functionaries without taking approval from the Ministry.
BATKHELA -- Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam-F senior vice president Maulana Hamidullah Roghani and other office-bearers have rejected the newly-elected cabinet of the party for Malakand district as 'illegal'.
Islamabad -- All Pakistan Newspapers Society (APNS) President Hameed Haroon and Secretary General Sarmad Ali have expressed profound grief on behalf of APNS office-bearers and members of the executive committee over the sad demise of Moin Gul, father of Muhammad Tahir Khan, office assistant of the Society.
Fehmida Mirza congratulated the newly elected office-bearers of Sports Writers Association, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
The YDC of the Department of Youth and Sports under the Ministry of Education, to empower and engage young people through various activities and programs, has institutionalized youth volunteer groups in the youth center whose office-bearers are elected every year from amongst the members themselves.
The Executive Committee of SITE Association elected unopposed office-bearers for the next term of one year 2018-19 besides taking important decisions for further uplift of the SITE industrial estate.
Nepali Congress president Sher Bahadur Deuba is likely to propose the names for the appointment in the vacant posts of office-bearers in the party in the central committee meeting which will resume from April 22.
The Islamabad High Court directed the office-bearers of the bar association on Tuesday to meet the Faizabad protesters and inform them about the court's orders to end their blockade.