officer's mess

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Noun1.officer's mess - a mess for the exclusive use of officers
mess hall, mess - a (large) military dining room where service personnel eat or relax
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During interrogation, the police found that Jha was earlier a cook at the Air force officer's mess. He had also served in the past as a personal driver for IAF officers when he used to overhear their conversations to take note of secretive information.
IF YOU are looking for a relaxed, quiet and grown up bar with plenty of choice on the beer front then the Officer's Mess is well worth a visit.
AN Army Major was yesterday fined pounds 2,500 for sexually assaulting a woman in the officer's mess by clasping a grape between his lips and trying to force it into her mouth.
Along with dinner in the ship's Senior Officer's Mess, a birthday cake was displayed in the ship's wardroom to acknowledge the hard work and dedication these Sailors display day in and day out.
PRINCE Harry's got an officer's mess all of his own as he downs a giant hotdog after playing polo yesterday.

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