official emissary

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Noun1.official emissary - a member of a legationofficial emissary - a member of a legation    
foreign mission, legation - a permanent diplomatic mission headed by a minister
emissary, envoy - someone sent on a mission to represent the interests of someone else
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Aquino was the official emissary of his sister-in-law, then President Corazon Aquino, who opened all government channels to encourage rebel groups to talk peace after Marcos was ousted, Bahatan said.
Yet as the first official emissary of Shavei Israel to Bnei Anousim in southern Italy, he finds himself in cities like Palermo two weeks out of the month.
The 69-year-old Vaidik's meeting with Saeed has sparked a major row with the Congress seeking to pin down the Narendra Modi government by asking if Vaidik went as an official emissary.

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