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Rigid adherence to official regulations, forms, and procedures.


strict, often excessive adherence to and respect for official regulations


(əˈfɪʃ əˌlɪz əm)

1. excessive attention to official regulations and routines.
2. official methods or systems.
3. officials collectively.


1. any official regulations or procedures.
2. an excessive emphasis on official regulations or procedures.
3. officials in general or collectively.
See also: Bureaucracy
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destroyed both the elements of officialism and bargaining, as well as the moral force to implement the rates" (Lakemfa, 2014: 45).
Thus Estonian literature emerged through a number of difficulties along the 19th century, in a permanent opposition to ideological and cultural officialism, which flatly rejected any manifestation of national-autochthonous culture.
To comprehend the new configurations established by the officialism in the formation of professional education teachers, it is necessary that the analyzes of the professionalization of the teaching activity are expanded, putting at the center of the debate the work category, in order to understand it in its contradictory relations in the field of productive restructuration, of flexible accumulation and of the globalization process.