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n. pl. of·fi·ci·ar·ies
1. A body of officials or officers.
2. An official or officer.
1. Attached to or resulting from an office held. Used of a title.
2. Having a title resulting from the holding of an office. Used of a dignitary.


n, pl -aries
a body of officials
of, relating to, or derived from office


(əˈfɪʃ iˌɛr i)

1. pertaining to or derived from an office, as a title.
2. having a title or rank derived from an office, as a dignitary.
[1605–15; < Latin offici(um) office + -ary]
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The officiaries must return their faces to the people, nevertheless there doesn t exist a better recipe than developing local self-government, the Vice Premier stressed.
How has this religion of undoubtedly female origins stayed in the hands of an unbroken line of male officiaries for over five hundred years?