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 (ô′fĭsh, ŏf′ĭsh)
Inclined to be distant and reserved; aloof.

off′ish·ly adv.
off′ish·ness n.


informal aloof or distant in manner
ˈoffishly adv
ˈoffishness n


(ˈɔ fɪʃ, ˈɒf ɪʃ)

aloof; unapproachable.
[1825–35, Amer.]
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Adj.1.offish - lacking cordiality; unfriendly; "a standoffish manner"
unapproachable - discouraging intimacies; reserved; "an unapproachable executive"




adj, offishly
adv (inf)reserviert, unnahbar, kühl (fig), → steif (fig)
References in classic literature ?
She let him do as he liked, although in the street she was offish enough to other men, refusing their familiarities partly from decorum and partly for contempt for their commonness.
So those are the three things I'm always going to look for to find a group offish that you can get to bite.
Current dietary guidelines recommend eating it at least twice a week, which is similar to the amount offish found to be beneficial in the study.
Norman Halden from the University of Manitoba developed the technique offish otolith microchemistry and the Yukon Research Centre, Access Consulting Group, and Na-cho Nyak Dun First Nation applied it on fish from the Keno Hill mining district.
Increased consumption offish could significantly reduce cognitive decline and improve verbal memory in adults over age 65, researchers find.
Larger aircraft can land on the 4,000-foot runway bringing fuel and freight deliveries, which will facilitate faster transportation offish product from the Yup'ik Eskimo village to market.
I took a picture because I've never seen one here, and it is not listed on DEC's website as a species offish for this lake.
Women who include three servings offish in their weekly diets may be protecting themselves against the development of colon polyps, small growths in the lower intestine that can become cancerous, according to a study published in the March 2012 issue of the American Journal of clinical Nutrition.
Omega-3s and vitamin D can be found in several types offish, while the B vitamins and antioxidants C and E are primarily found in fruits and vegetables.
based The Hain Celestial Group, owner of the Earth's Best brand, say that the nuggets have 60% less fat and 30% more protein than the leading brand offish nuggets.
The original Fish Fight continues to encourage shoppers to try alternative species offish, with Waitrose, Sainsbury's and Birds Eye all reporting increased fish sales.
In a study of 400 older adults with mild to moderate AD, halt of the subjects took a component offish oil called docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) that earlier studies have suggested might play a role in AD treatment, and half took placebo.