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Bobbin spins freely on the shaft and cannot be removed due to knurling at the end with the offset point.
Therefore, for this paper we changed the location of the feeding point from the edge center to an offset point near the corner of the patch, as shown by point 2 in Figure 1(a).
In this way for each offset point a trace is added and a 24 trace record is completed.
Other great new hooks include the Lazer TroKar Drop Shot, with surgically sharpened point, shaped like an octopus hook with slightly offset point.
The runways at Cherry Point are configured in a sort of X, with an offset point in the middle, known as the center mat.
Consider offset point supports rather than cantilevering the slab.
Gun crews should develop their own matrices for breach offset points for various distances to improve their engagement speed.
This effect is achieved by triggering at different offset points on the incoming signal relative to the actual sample clock edges, then reconstructing the incoming signal by interleaving the different data captures to produce a higher resolution data capture.