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 (ôf′sĕt′, ŏf′-)
1. An agent, element, or thing that balances, counteracts, or compensates for something else.
2. One thing set off or developed from something else.
3. The start or initial stage; the outset.
4. Architecture A ledge or recess in a wall formed by a reduction in thickness above; a setoff.
5. Botany A shoot that develops laterally at the base of a plant, often rooting to form a new plant.
6. Geology A spur of a mountain range or hills.
7. A bend in a pipe, bar, or other straight continuous piece made to allow it to pass around an obstruction.
8. A short distance measured perpendicularly from the main line in surveying, used to help in calculating the area of an irregular plot.
9. A descendant of a race or family; an offshoot.
10. Printing
a. An unintentional or faulty transfer of wet ink from a printed sheet to another surface in contact with it. Also called setoff.
b. Offset printing.
v. (ôf′sĕt′, ŏf′-, ôf-sĕt′, ŏf-) off·set, off·set·ting, off·sets
1. To counterbalance, counteract, or compensate for: fringe benefits designed to offset low salaries.
2. Printing
a. To cause (printed matter) to transfer or smear onto another surface.
b. To produce by offset printing.
3. To make or form an offset in (a wall, bar, or pipe).
1. To develop, project, or be situated as an offset.
2. Printing To become marked by or cause an unintentional transfer of ink.

off′set′ adv. & adj.
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UnitedHealth is United's practice of cross-plan offsetting.<br />Cross-plan offsetting is the recouping of alleged overpayments to a provider for services rendered to patients in an employer-sponsored health plan by withholding payments due to the same provider for services rendered to patients in a different employer-sponsored health plan.<br />Health plan design<br />An employer can structure a health plan as either (1) a fully insured plan; or (2) a self-insured or self-funded plan.
Offset can either be direct or indirect to the primary defense contract; the former being where the offsetting investment creates 'defense' production capacity, often involving technology transfer, whilst the latter has regard to investment into the civil sectors of the buyer government's host economy.
To quantify the muscle lengths associated with the offset and non-offset humeral tray/liner designs during two motions, abduction and internal/ external rotation, in order to evaluate the first null hypothesis that offsetting the humerus in the posterior/superior directions will not impact muscle length with rTSA, and
Ray Boulger at leading brokers John Charcol said: "The principle of offsetting is a very good one, but the key question has always been how much more a borrower pays to get it.
Ray Boulger, at leading brokers John Charcol, says: "The principle of offsetting is a very good one, but the key question has always been how much more a borrower pays to get it.
Land Rover Menap has announced that it will be offsetting over 300,000 tonnes of tailpipe CO2 emissions from sales of its cars in the Middle East, North Africa & Pakistan region via its CO2 offset programme.
Another alternative with offsetting is that rather than reducing your mortgage payments by offsetting you continue to make normal mortgage payments whilst the offset interest then goes towards reducing the term by effectively making overpayments.
"Offsetting does not work, will not work and must be scrapped," said Friends of the Earth President Brent Blackwelder in the foreword to the report, A Dangerous Distraction.
The extension of this programme highlights the role that offsetting can play in minimising the environmental impact that commercial activities can have.
So although you may make some savings by offsetting your current or savings account you are actually being penalised by paying a higher rate.
"Carbon offsetting is one of many economic actions you can take to address climate change, and it is a powerful one," says the nonprofit Co-op America, "Many promising projects that would help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions lack the capital they need to get built; by directing your offset dollars to these projects, you can help finance new wind farms, solar arrays, and more."
After the Kyoto Protocol sanctioned greenhouse gas (GHG) offsets as a way for governments and private companies to earn greenhouse gas credits for trading, offsetting became a key part of major emission trading schemes, such as the European Union Emission Trading Scheme.