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 (ôf′sīd′, ŏf′-) also off·sides (-sīdz′)
adv. & adj.
1. Sports Illegally ahead of the ball or puck in the attacking zone.
2. Football Illegally beyond the line of scrimmage when the ball is snapped or ahead of the ball when the ball is kicked on a kickoff.
n. Sports
An offside motion or play.
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Adj.1.offsides - illegally beyond a prescribed line or area or ahead of the ball or puck; "the touchdown was nullified because the left tackle was offside"
athletics, sport - an active diversion requiring physical exertion and competition
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There is no individual punishment for being caught offside and a player will not be issued with a card, no matter how many offsides they commit in a match.
Gunners gaffer Wenger said: "I haven't seen the offsides. I've just seen the foul again and it was a foul.
The only strikers to come close to his serial straying beyond the last defender is Southampton's Graziano Pelle and Tottenham's England international Harry Kane, both of whom have racked up nine offsides so far this season.
THE presence of Apoel means we may not get many offsides when the tiny Cypriot side collide with Real Madrid in tonight's Champions League quarter-final first leg, writes Mark Langdon.
They panic whenever a ball touches the white line and give a throw-in and their inaccuracy rate on offsides is becoming alarming.
Ronaldo said: "Two offsides are not offside and a few fouls he didn't give.
'Philip was just trying to give more advice to assistant referees on how to judge offsides, and told them that when they saw daylight they could be certain there was an infringement,' added Baker.
Second, the lack of offsides show Spain's patience when it comes to probing at the opposition.
In each of the last three seasons, Chelsea have been responsible for almost 70 per cent of the offsides that have been awarded in their Premiership games, but Manchester United were responsible for just 55 per cent of those that were awarded in their games this season, and although the proportion has been higher in previous seasons it has only very rarely approached 70 per cent.
In both the Champions League and Serie A, Roma's games have produced more offsides than those of most other teams, and for that reason it would be prudent not to sell total offsides this evening at 7.25 with Sporting.
ON Wednesday, when Arsenal played at Aston Villa, there were 18 offsides. It shows how badly wrong things can go when you sell linesmen's flags, and it is something to bear in mind when calibrating your stakes if you decide to get short this afternoon in Arsenal's televised game at Everton.
IN recent years, it has been a profitable strategy to sell offsides in Manchester United games, and it could pay a small dividend again today in the televised Premiership fixture at home to Bolton.