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 (ôf′sīd′, ŏf′-) also off·sides (-sīdz′)
adv. & adj.
1. Sports Illegally ahead of the ball or puck in the attacking zone.
2. Football Illegally beyond the line of scrimmage when the ball is snapped or ahead of the ball when the ball is kicked on a kickoff.
n. Sports
An offside motion or play.
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Adj.1.offsides - illegally beyond a prescribed line or area or ahead of the ball or puck; "the touchdown was nullified because the left tackle was offside"
athletics, sport - an active diversion requiring physical exertion and competition
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The only strikers to come close to his serial straying beyond the last defender is Southampton's Graziano Pelle and Tottenham's England international Harry Kane, both of whom have racked up nine offsides so far this season.
THE presence of Apoel means we may not get many offsides when the tiny Cypriot side collide with Real Madrid in tonight's Champions League quarter-final first leg, writes Mark Langdon.
They panic whenever a ball touches the white line and give a throw-in and their inaccuracy rate on offsides is becoming alarming.
Edd Griffin, Business Development Manager of Offsides said "Working with US PRESSWIRE was a natural extension for us to reach the U.
Ronaldo said: "Two offsides are not offside and a few fouls he didn't give.
However, the referee waved off the goal and called offsides on the Axemen and that was as close as South got to scoring as Oregon City held on for a 1-0 win in the second round of the OSAA Class 6A girls soccer playoffs Tuesday evening at South Eugene High School.
It's very hard, given the baseball lines and everything (on the field), to even see an offsides play," Chivas USA coach Bob Bradley said.
United arrived in the Midlands as the Premiership team with the fewest offsides to their name.
Philip was just trying to give more advice to assistant referees on how to judge offsides, and told them that when they saw daylight they could be certain there was an infringement,' added Baker.
The only time it will be flat is when the ball is away from it or if the tactic is used to the line, looking for the offsides -- a dangerous tactic with erratic officiating.
Second, the lack of offsides show Spain's patience when it comes to probing at the opposition.
Saugus had a goal that would've tied the score at 1-1 disallowed in the 28th minute when Caitlyn Christie was ruled offsides on a free kick by Melanie Callewaert.