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 (ôf′sīt′, ŏf′-)
Done or located away from the site, as of a particular activity: an offsite waste treatment operation.

off′site′ adv.
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a $180 million North American provider of network management solutions scaling virtualization, storage and networking and related full-service outsourced management, has acquired Offsite Technology Solutions of Tampa, Fla.
Tampa-based Offsite Technology Solutions today announced a new partnership that will provide small businesses with options for securing and backing up data at a secondary secure location.
The initiative, run by Advantage Offsite with the help of Advantage West Midlands, helps eligible West Midlands construction and manufacturing companies take advantage of the growth opportunities offered by the rapidly expanding offsite manufacturing sector in the UK by providing fully-funded consultancy advice and support.
A recent Mercer survey indicated that 70% or more of the companies in insurance and other industries are "highly likely" to encourage employees to work from offsite locations.
Refabricating Architecture examines how the manufacturing progress of the twentieth century could inform the delivery and quality of architecture, specifically the benefits of offsite manufacturing.
The three main needs for SMB and data protection are to make sure the backups work and are reliably moved offsite, and that these operations are simple and cost-effective.
Once the range closes or if the munitions or their constituents migrate offsite or pose an "imminent and substantial danger" to human health or agriculture, then CERCLA and RCRA authority would come into force.
recorder or VCR, VideoSave rescues the surveillance record from this legal limbo and transmits video evidence via the Internet to VideoSave's secure offsite video vault.
But Boeing has long said Rocketdyne contamination has not migrated offsite and state regulators have said there's not enough evidence conclusively linking field lab perchlorate and Simi Valley perchlorate.
Protecting data backups offsite is a necessary precaution for disaster recovery, and multiple generations of backups provide the ability to recover to the optimal point in time.
But if there's a fire in the same room that your server resides, it's important to have this data offsite.