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adv.1.Compar. of Oft.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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He comes to see all us poor bodies a deal ofter nor Maister Bligh, or th' Rector ever did; an' it's well he does, for he's always welcome: we can't say as much for th' Rector--there is 'at says they're fair feared on him.
Itsbargain garden log burnerhas already sold out online, which is hardly surprising as it costs just [pounds sterling]59.99 compared to other brands which are ofter over [pounds sterling]100.
We ofter an authentic experience and historic context, as well as contemporary pieces that celebrate the thriving culture of Ketchikan's First Nations peoples," says Froeschle.
Corriere reported that the autopsy asserted that Astori would not have been asleep at the time of his death and might have been saved had he had a roommate.His death had at first been presumed to have been caused by a slowing of the heart, but Corriere della Sera cited the autopsy as saying he died ofter a violent acceleration of the heartbeat.
Manufactured in-house, Torque Lock[TM] guarantees exact controlled detail and specifications that make the patented Torque Lock[TM] Staple the most sought ofter structural repair device on the planet.
In my plans, it is to meet with journalists more ofter to tell about what's been done.
Die Markierung fuhrt dennoch zu einer gewissen Strukturveranderung: In Ausschreibungen fur wissenschaftliche Projekte im Nachhaltigkeitsbereich finden Begriffe wie TF und Reallabore trotz bestehender konzeptioneller Unscharfen und empirischer Unge wissheiten immer ofter Eingang und forcieren entsprechende Projektbeantragungen (etwa BaWu-Labs (2), BMBF-Bekanntmachungen Nachhaltiges Wirtschaften (3) oder Umsetzung der Leitinitiative Zukunftsstadt (4)).
He has since been held in Israeli custody until a lawyer managed to meet him at the Ofter military prison, Anadolu Agency reported.
Medalist TPEs also ofter some advantages over PVC, such as improved gamma stability and lower density (refs.
"On the ofter side, the Welsh accent is sympathetic and consoling - particularly important in our market.