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1. Statistics
a. A distribution curve in which the frequencies are cumulative.
b. A frequency distribution.
2. Architecture
a. A diagonal rib of a Gothic vault.
b. A pointed arch.

[Middle English ogif and French ogive, diagonal rib of a vault, both from Old French augive, probably from Vulgar Latin *obviātīva, from Late Latin obviāta, feminine past participle of obviāre, to resist; see obviate.]

o·gi′val adj.
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[əʊˈdʒaɪvəl] ADJojival
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Some scholars explain that by the altered lip position, the tongue stops pressing the palate and rests on the floor of the mouth and, therefore, the palate becomes ogival and the dental occlusion is compromised (4).
This syndrome is characterized by deficiency of pre and postnatal growth, hypertrichosis cubiti or generalized hypertrichosis, psychomotor delay, intellectual disability with behavioral alterations and distinctive facial features with narrow nose, sinofris, ocular hypertelorism, long philtrum, short palpebral fissures, low set ears and an ogival palate.
The spiral form of the sculpture is based on the ogival arch, originally developed in Sixth Century Iraq and Syria, and used effectively in both the Grand Mosque and Royal Opera House Muscat.
[3] for assessing the ballistic perforation resistance of double-layered steel plates impacted by blunt and ogival projectiles.
The most common impactor shape studied has been hemispherical [66-70] and other impactor shapes such as flat [67-69, 71], conical [67, 68, 70], ogival [70], and semicylindrical [67] ones have also been investigated.
Caption: Figure 1: Different radome shapes: (a) cylindrical; (b) cylindrical-hemispherical; (c) spheroidal or ogival [16].
Ja na orofaringoscopia, a hipertrofia das tonsilas palatinas, o palato duro ogival, a presenca de palatoweb (membrana mucosa ao lado da uvula pela insercao baixa dos pilares amigdalianos posteriores), a uvula alongada e/ou espessada, o alongamento do palato mole, a centralizacao dos pilares amigdalianos e os pilares amigdalianos posteriores redundantes e flacidos sao achados frequentes no paciente com SAOS.
*7mm M.14 scharfe Patrone 0--the Serbian M.99 Mauser fired the original 7x57 loading with a 173-grain FMJ, round-nosed (Ogival) bullet traveling at approximately 2300 fps.
Three different types of impactors including steel hemispherical, ogival, and conical with the same diameter of 12 mm were considered.
In general, Brettanomyces exhibits cellular morphologies described as being boat-shaped, gothic arches or ogival. While cell appearance is useful for identification, caution must be applied given variable cell morphology depending on age, culture medium and environmental stress.