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1. A giant or monster in legends and fairy tales that eats humans.
2. A person who is considered particularly cruel, brutish, or ugly.

[French, probably ultimately from Latin Orcus, god of the underworld.]

o′gre·ish (ō′gər-ĭsh, ō′grĭsh) adj.
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Perversely bad, cruel, or wicked:
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Whatever gloss the various spectators put upon the interest, according to their several arts and powers of self-deceit, the interest was, at the root of it, Ogreish.
"Ah, ha," cried Danglars, "this fellow is more like an ogre than anything else; however, I am rather too old and tough to be very good eating!" We see that Danglars was collected enough to jest; at the same time, as though to disprove the ogreish propensities, the man took some black bread, cheese, and onions from his wallet, which he began devouring voraciously.
As he wiped his dripping whiskers in an ogreish way, he met her eyes, and pausing, said, with no very gentle voice:
George." (There is an ogreish kind of jocularity in Grandfather Smallweed to-day.)
YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Almanac 9 Adieu 10 Koran 11 Ogreish 12 Ads 13 Adhesive 16 Carlisle 17 Run 19 Elstree 21 Delta 22 Masai 23 Strange DOWN: 1 Jackdaw 2 Ambrosia 3 Anon 4 Lacrosse 5 Mini 6 Duchy 8 Clothes pegs 13 Allergic 14 Virulent 15 On paper 18 Germs 20 Sash 21 Dark QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 Shepherdess 8 Ape 9 Oar 11 Bar code 12 Shame 13 One 14 Pea 15 Mugshot 17 Tar 19 Emit 21 Used 23 Scar 25 Pomp 27 Sat 29 Abdomen 31 Off 34 Age 36 Villa 37 Monocle 38 Era 39 Rat 40 Encountered DOWN: 1 Span 2 Here 3 Produce 4 Even so 5 Disco 6 Soap 7 Same 8 About 10 React 16 Tea 18 Rum 20 Mrs 22 Spa 24 Cleanse 25 Prove 26 Common 28 Tweet 30 Bravo 32 Fire 33 Flan 34 Acre 35 Glad
In short (no pun intended Lord Farquaad), harmless, uncomplicated, ogreish fun for all the family.
She found him rather ogreish, "perfectamente ordinario, mas feo que bello," with "un cuello grueso y anormalmente corto" (31), yet she too fell star-struck.