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The SI unit of electrical resistance, equal to the resistance of a conductor through which a current of one ampere flows given a one-volt potential across the conductor. See Table at measurement.

[After Georg Simon Ohm.]

ohm′ic adj.
ohm′i·cal·ly adv.
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(Electronics) of or relating to a circuit element, the electrical resistance of which obeys Ohm's law
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Adj.1.ohmic - of or relating to or measured in ohms
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The discrete form of the observer for internal ohmic resistance estimation is expressed as
Notation of N can be expressed as the ratio of ohmic resistance to mass transfer resistance in electroplating.
Among electroheating processes, ohmic heating consists of the direct passage of electric current through the product.
The symbols are defined as follows: [R.sub.[OMEGA]]: ohmic resistance, [R.sub.f,A] : anode Faradaic resistance, [C.sub.dl,A] : anode double-layer capacitance, [R.sub.f,C]: cathode Faradaic resistance, [C.sub.dl,C] : cathode double-layer capacitance, [omega].
In this work, with the aim to achieve a qualityZnO-based Schottky diode, a homogeneity indium tin oxide- (ITO-) ZnO cosputtered film was deposited onto the undoped ZnO layer as an ohmic contact electrode, followed by the surface modification processes combined with the preetching process, using the diluted HCl solution, and the surface treatment, using the dilute [H.sub.2][O.sub.2] and [([NH.sub.4])].sub.2][S.sub.x] solutions, respectively, on the undoped ZnO layer prior to the Ni/Au Schottky metal deposition.
The majority charge carriers from both semiconductors recombine at the ohmic contact, completing the relay of the Z-scheme, similar to that of natural photosynthesis," Yang explained.
The adoption of zero ohmic resistance performing switching task to change the capacitance of CSRR accomplishes the tunability between [f.sub.ol] and [f.sub.o2].
This paper investigates fundamental limits of the ohmic losses in an antenna and of the gain of an antenna.
Here, we would like to address the works on the Ohmic heating model with one conductor A.
Values of the ohmic conductivity, calculated by subtraction of the space charge loss from the total dielectric loss, are presented in Table 5.
Ohmic losses are inversely proportional to the metal strip width and a wide metal strip width is expected to decrease the ohmic losses.