oil burner

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Noun1.oil burner - a furnace that burns oiloil burner - a furnace that burns oil    
furnace - an enclosed chamber in which heat is produced to heat buildings, destroy refuse, smelt or refine ores, etc.
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Alex Jobson's face was scorched after the mishap involving the lavender oil burner saw the substance ignite.
Now, the Australian skin-care brand Aesop has released its first design object a handsome, asymmetrical brass oil burner, created by long-time collaborator Henry Wilson.
RIELLO has donated an RL34 oil burner to the Internal Fire Museum in Cardigan for use in the first of its steam halls.
The square-shaped pieces of wax are placed on top of an oil burner with a tea light underneath.
A WOMAN sparked a blaze after following a YouTube craze by pouring fabric softener balls into an aromatherapy oil burner to enhance the smell.
Engineers have converted the loco to coal firing after having originally been constructed as an oil burner.
"The old oil burner in the Starbard Building was taken out, and the new gas burner was installed.''
He wears blinkers today, as he did last time out when stepped up to a more favourable distance of 2m4f at Carlisle, and although he was beaten into third he was far from disgraced as the front two, Oil Burner and Bertie Milan, were unexposed and could go on to prove themselves to be much better than the grade.
Buildings Commissioner Robert LiMandri announced that applications involving limited standpipe, sprinkler, plumbing and oil burner work can now be filed online using the Department of Buildings' electronic filing system, eFiling.
The dollar sagged against a basket of currencies Tuesday while the Chinese yuan rose after China announced a rate rise over the weekend as the world's second-largest oil burner strives to slow down its economy.