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Noun1.oil colour - oil paint containing pigment that is used by an artistoil colour - oil paint containing pigment that is used by an artist
oil paint - paint in which a drying oil is the vehicle
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In my spare time I like to draw Zanzibar doors, dhows, Stone Town buildings, local buses, fishermen and many more by using brush, pen and ink, charcoal, oil colour, acrylic colour, water colour, pastel and other media."
The artists through water colour, oil colour, dry painting, and documentaries gave a rich look to KP culture that people could not pass without appreciating
Determination of oil colour. The colour of the oil was determined according to AOCS Cc 13c -50 (AOAC, 1997) standard methods with the aid of a spectrophotometer.
In this research, from the onset of oxidation to the end of the induction period, the oxidised oil changed from a specific (yellowish) oil colour at the beginning to a sharply yellow colour at the end of the induction period.
Choose from Mythic Oil Reinforcing Milk, Mythic Oil Colour Glow Oil (pictured) and .1 Mythic Oil Rich Oil.
There are 3 collaborative works by the names and 3 works by each artist including 10 paintings of ElyasAlavi which must done by Acrylic & Oil colour on canvas.
Where: RT is roasting temperature; RD is roasting duration; OY is oil yield; FFA is free fatty acid; CO is oil colour; RI is refractive index; SG is specific gravity; pH is acidity of the oil.
The richness of colour and luminosity that can be achieved with oil colour was perfect for visually describing the mysterious underwater scenes in the story as well as the sun drenched world above.
Runner-up Quasim was presented with a professional oil colour painting art set as well as 20 copies of his Christmas card and a framed certificate During their afternoon out they were able to join in a display on the police Skid Pan which featured driving demonstrations of reversing, skids, and fast bends.