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Noun1.oil company - a company that sells oiloil company - a company that sells oil    
company - an institution created to conduct business; "he only invests in large well-established companies"; "he started the company in his garage"
oil business, oil industry, refining industry - an industry that produces and delivers oil and oil products
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In those days the Standard Oil Company did not deliver oil to the consumer in big wagons and motor trucks as it does now, but delivered instead to retail grocers, hardware stores, and the like.
Again he was ab- sorbed in his duties as agent of the Standard Oil Company.
Of course I make more money with the Standard Oil Company and I'm only telling you," he added.
Lloyd told all the truth about the Standard Oil Company in his Wealth versus Commonwealth; and the book was allowed to die, and you hardly ever hear of it.
The effect was as if the Standard Oil Company were to commence the manufacture of aeroplanes.
Despite the adoption of this law, the statute of Iran's national oil company hasn't been passed by the all governments and parliaments.
The deals have been inked with Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC), Malaysia based PETCO a trading wing of Petronas, UAE-based Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC), Petrochina trading wing of Chinese national oil company, Egyptian National Oil Company or Midor, Vietnamese National Oil Company or Petro Limex, Philippines National Oil Company or PNOC and Bumisiek of Indonesia.
Summary: Waha Oil Company reports that it has discovered oil following drilling of the 6Q1-59 New Field Wildcat well to a total depth of 9,227 feet.
By Tesfa-alem Tekle January 6, 2009 (ADDIS ABABA) -- A Sudan based petroleum company has penetrated to Ethiopian oil market to start operation on lubricants, fuel distribution and to provide related service in the country Wadi Alsundus Petroleum Co, oil products distributor, is the second Sudanese oil company to operate in Ethiopia will begin functioning by the end of January, sources from the company said.
Excessively high gas prices--excessively high oil company profits.
The list is long, but the threads are common: a hatred of globalized systems that activists believe would let an oil company hijack U.
The state-owned oil company has signed deals with Russia and China that need crude to fuel their growing economies.