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He further said that the event has provided a platform for our cyclists to become ambassadors of oil conservation.
The even more widely read Saturday Evening Post and various federal government officials with scientific-sounding titles followed up in subsequent years with similarly worded warnings about the end of oil within two decades, a massive fear-mongering campaign that led President Calvin Coolidge to convene a Federal Oil Conservation Board in 1924.
101) In New Mexico in 2009, for example, the state supreme court interpreted New Mexico's statutes to prevent the Oil Conservation Commission from issuing its own civil penalties for environmental violations; penalties had to be sought through the attorney general.
Minister of Petroleum said that the project which is implemented by Town Gas Company is one of the main pillars of the state's efforts in the field of energy and oil conservation.
oil imports; nonetheless, in my view we should still be doing more to promote oil conservation.
A federal tax hike of $1 a gallon would raise as much as $130 billion per year--slightly more than the $100 billion profit oil companies captured in 2005--while it promotes oil conservation, shows good stewardship of the gifts of creation, and bankrolls judicious investments in a post-fossil fuel future.
Senate-proposed provisions for oil conservation or a broader range of
A mineral oil conservation area that would overlap a portion of the open space would permit mining, pending court decisions on Cemex's entitlement to mine in the area.
Effective oil conservation strategies are reducing oil consumption in the industrial world.
To investigate ways in which the flow of oil could be controlled so as to increase the efficiency with which producers extracted that oil, Herbert Hoover and other high-ranking officials in the Coolidge administration created a Federal Oil Conservation Board.
Robinson to head the Oil Conservation Department in Washington DC as "Fuel Administrator".
In contrast, an oil import tariff stimulates a wide range of domestic oil conservation and production activities, with less reliance on each activity.