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Noun1.oil heater - heater that burns oil (as kerosine) for heating or cookingoil heater - heater that burns oil (as kerosine) for heating or cooking
heater, warmer - device that heats water or supplies warmth to a room
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Aside from the obvious benefit of affordable heat, one of the core reasons oil producers purchase a Lanair waste oil heater is safe on-site disposal of used oil, at the point of generation.
In this study, an engine oil heater using EGR is used for the fast warm up of the engine oil.
The fire broke out in the furnace of the port thermal oil heater on the Dieppe Seaways vessel as it approached the Port of Dover in Kent with 315 passengers on board on May 1 last year.
We are also giving solutions to dyeing finishing plants by providing Thermo Oil Heater' from Wuxi Xineng Thermo Oil Heater Boiler company from China.
Lube oil heater Tender no: 992592 Description: The scope of this tender is about lube oil heater.
Buying a used oil heater or boiler, however, makes the most sense for businesses that generate their own oil.
and its sales arm Yamagata National over a faulty oil heater that left a man into critical condition due to carbon monoxide poisoning in December 2005, police officials said Wednesday.
"The upstairs was full of smoke and when we attended we found the oil heater had split.
Naturally, the performance of the waste oil heater was affected, and the original MOTHER stopped selling plans when complaints brought the problems to light.
It requires a special wooden table, an oil heater, and about five liters of oil per treatment.
Two years ago the city purchased a Reznor [R] waste oil heater (Thomas & Betts Corporation, Memphis, Tennessee) and had it installed in a municipal facility that houses utility vehicles and equipment, replacing two gas heaters.
Also from Tool Temp is Model TT 360 portable high-temperature oil heater.