oil pressure

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Noun1.oil pressure - pressure that keeps oil on the moving parts of an internal-combustion engineoil pressure - pressure that keeps oil on the moving parts of an internal-combustion engine
force per unit area, pressure, pressure level - the force applied to a unit area of surface; measured in pascals (SI unit) or in dynes (cgs unit); "the compressed gas exerts an increased pressure"
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Summary: New Delhi [India], Feb 12 (ANI): IndiGo's Bengaluru-Bangkok flight diverted to Yangoon in Myanmar on Tuesday due to oil pressure warning on one of its engines, the airline said.Ee
Following a scheduled oil and filter change, the technician noted lower-than-normal oil pressure at idle.
HBM--a market leader in the field of test and measurement--says as part of its outstanding range of pressure sensors and transducers, the new P3MB and P3MBP provide reliable and secure test results, of up to 3,000 bar, with an accuracy class of up to 0.1 HBM says suitable for both static and highly dynamic measurement tasks, the latest series of pressure transducers provide a flexible solution and reliably proven, the leading range of pressure transducers have been successfully used in a variety of diverse fields of application, which range from transmission test rigs and diesel injection pumps to oil pressure measurements and hydraulic applications.
Under cold conditions, the oil pressure increases due to the higher viscosity of the engine oil.
Porsche looked to be cruising towards victory only for Andre Lotterer to grind to retire with a suspected oil pressure problem with less than four hours to go.
Some engines (the original Continental 0-470 series comes to mind) also employ an oil pressure screen (as opposed to a filter on later models), which is intended to trap large particles before supplying the oil cooler and engine.
Looking down from 2,800 feet, flight student Jacob Brands had a job unlike any other Friday afternoon when the plane he was learning to fly lost oil pressure.
One can read the oil pressure gauge while driving -- a steep drop in oil pressure should be cause for concern.
The Aladdin Lamp (or Low Oil Pressure Warning Light): If this sign -- which bears an uncanny resemblance to Aladdin's magic Genie Lamp -- comes on, it means that the engine oil pressure might be low.
The CX255 flight was flying to London, when it was revealed that the oil pressure in one of the aircraft's engines has dropped to the maximum lowest level.
A second IFE aircraft was an emergency divert where Maj Chaffee successfully gained the aircraft with the oil pressure dropping below normal indications.
These two targets are both affected by clutch toque, which is decided by oil pressure if the physical structure of clutch is confirmed [2, 3].