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Adj.1.oleophobic - lacking affinity for oils
oleophilic - having a strong affinity for oils rather than water
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Moderate Oil Resistant 600# & 800# High Tension Belt Specs
There is a slip and oil resistant rubber outsole with toe traction and heel brake zone perfect for different terrains.
The isolating fiberglass material is isolated by the silicone rubber coating, which minimizes the risk of uptake of oil or other flammable liquids, which makes it diesel and chemically resistant, oil resistant and completely fire resistant.
Four lagging options are available: Holz SLIDE -LAG, with double chevron grooves capable of bidirectional pulley rotation, available in standard SBR rubber or optional SOF static conductive, oil and fire resistant rubber; Dodge FOS Vulcanized Lag is an exclusive offering that is flame and oil resistant and available with a variety of grooving options; SBR Vulcanized Lag is a styrene-butadiene rubber offering good abrasion resistance and available in a wide range of thicknesses and grooving options; and Dodge D-LAG Vulcanized Lag, an exclusive natural rubber compound that offers excellent resistance to abrasions, cuts and gouges for an extended life.
Other products in Flexicon's liquid tight range include: LTP which is oil resistant with a -20[degrees]C to 105[degrees]C temperature range has Lloyd's Register Type Approval, LTPUL for when UL listing or CSA approval is needed, LTPHC where low or high temperature ratings are needed and LTPSS where a high corrosion resistance is a requirement.
Priced between $2 and $4 per package and available at Wild Oats stores, it is biodegradable, microwaveable, freezer-friendly and oil resistant, not to mention 100 percent compostable.
Electronic equipment is protected from dirt, dust and dampness, and they also have oil resistant gaskets for added protection.
All have a UL 125 C continuous-temperature rating and are UL listed as "60 C Oil Resistant." They boast better chemical resistance and low-temperature flexibility than PVC and higher flame and heat resistance than TPVs.
The expanded line of vacuum cups features new materials and sizes including nitrile, oil resistant vinyl, polyurethane, chloroprene, silicone, FDA vinyl and silicone, and anti-static vinyl.