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Noun1.oil stain - a stain produced by oil
discoloration, discolouration, stain - a soiled or discolored appearance; "the wine left a dark stain"
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VILNIUS, Aug 26 (LETABNS) A large oil stain was on Sunday spotted in Lithuania's exclusive economic zone in the Baltic Sea near the Latvian border.
QI HAVE an oil stain on my tarmac drive and it was suggested I cover it with Thompsons Drive Seal.
"We have moved to contain the oil spill and remove the residual oil stain," remarked EPAA chief Hana Saif Al Suwaidi.
Hana Saif Al Suwaidi, Chairperson of the Environment and Protected Areas Authority in Sharjah, said: "The urgent meeting was held to evaluate the effectiveness of the response operation and to plan the remaining work for removing the residual oil stain".
You then hit it with a semi-transparent oil stain. You should also use a trailer-mounted manlift instead of a ladder for the high work."--John Wilder, via Grit.com
Head of Sea Pollution department of Iranian Environment protection organization, Nima Pourang said that the tanker discharged its oily ballast water 30 miles away from Lavan island in Persian Gulf, which caused a 10-mile length oil stain on the sea.
For the past few years, the company has been busy developing new products that include a bed bug killer, animal and insect repellent garbage bags, oil stain removers, non-slip porcelain and acrylic bathtub treatment kits and sealers for driveways and indoor tiles.
If the oil stain is not too bad then a mild detergent with warm water will do the trick.
However, on Wednesday, based on fresh analysis of the tests, Singapore took three of its A380s out of service again, because of oil stain results.
To remove a fat or oil stain, simply rub cornstarch or talcum powder into the stain, let it sit for at least 20 minutes and then brush it off with a dry washcloth or soft dry brush.
"The best way to clean an oil stain from concrete or asphalt is by sprinkling a layer of TSP-PF crystals onto the stains and sprinkling hot water onto the TSP-PF.