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(Plants) a seed from which oil is extracted



any of several seeds, as the castor bean, sesame, or cottonseed, from which an oil is expressed.
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Noun1.oilseed - any of several seeds that yield oil
castor bean - the toxic seed of the castor-oil plant; source of castor oil
cottonseed - seed of cotton plants; source of cottonseed oil
candlenut - seed of candlenut tree; source of soil used in varnishes
rapeseed - seed of rape plants; source of an edible oil
seed - a small hard fruit
flaxseed, linseed - the seed of flax used as a source of oil
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India's government is facing mounting pressure to raise import duties on edible oils after farmers staged mass protests in key farm states amid a slump in oilseed prices to below government support levels.
The event, which takes place on February 3, is aimed at cereals and oilseed growers.
MULTAN -- Agriculture experts have underlined the need for increasing area under traditional oilseed crops' cultivation to bring self sufficiency in edible oil production and reduce country's annual edible oil import bill.
IN PAKISTAN, there is less established cropping system for oilseed crops.
The major oilseed crops grown in the country include Sunflower, Canola, Mustard and Cotton and during 2013-14 total availability of edible oil was 3.
The scientists put the blame on the EU's agricultural and biofuel policies, which "encourage" the increase of areas of insect-pollinated biodiesel feedstocks, such as soybean, oil palm and oilseed rape.
The global seeds market includes oilseed crops such as soybean, sunflower, canola, cotton and grain crop such as wheat, rice, corn, and millet.
Should a second request for a derogation be denied , "it will be hard because reverse taxation has proved that tax revenues from cereal and oilseed trading have gone up over the past two years.
com)-- The just-released, in-depth report entitled Bringing Transparency to the Chinese Oilseed Processing Sector is now available for sale through Global AgInvestingSM Research & Insight (http://www.
Your recent article about biofuels reminded me of the symptoms I used to suffer as a child when I lived near oilseed rape fields in Sussex.
Project scientists are looking for genetic traits in oilseeds that enhance fuel production and using those traits to develop new oilseed strains for biofuel.
26 March 2012 - Dutch nutrition ingredients maker Royal DSM NV (AMS:DSM) has taken food enzymes and oilseed processing assets from US Verenium Corp (NASDAQ:VRNM) for USD37m (EUR28m) including transaction costs, the two firms said in a joint press release on Monday.