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A fine-grained whetstone lubricated with oil, used for fine sharpening.


(Tools) a stone with a fine grain lubricated with oil and used for sharpening cutting tools. See also whetstone



a block of fine-grained stone, usu. oiled, for putting the final edge on certain cutting tools by abrasion.
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Noun1.oilstone - a whetstone for use with oil
whetstone - a flat stone for sharpening edged tools or knives
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To sharpen by hand using stones, you'll want to choose between an oilstone and a water stone.
It is not, however, possible to meet the requirements of the design [11] (Table 5) using either the initial GTM design method (when the gyratory stability index, GSI, is close to 1.0, the corresponding amount of asphalt is the maximum amount of asphalt in the mixture, and when the GSF of the mixture is greater than 1.0, the mixture density reaches the maximum value) or the results of relevant research (GSI = 1.05, oilstone ratio for GSF >1.3) as the best asphalt mix dosage standards.
The General 809 runs about $20; the Stanley 16-050 costs about $15 and includes a combination oilstone and honing oil.