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A fine-grained whetstone lubricated with oil, used for fine sharpening.


(Tools) a stone with a fine grain lubricated with oil and used for sharpening cutting tools. See also whetstone



a block of fine-grained stone, usu. oiled, for putting the final edge on certain cutting tools by abrasion.
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Noun1.oilstone - a whetstone for use with oil
whetstone - a flat stone for sharpening edged tools or knives
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MC: In reading House oilstone, I wondered about bayt [Arabic for "house," with connotations of family and home].
Grandfather Verrills kept his carpentry tools meticulously in place in the garage he'd converted to a workshop: the beautifully sharp planes and files; the strange rasplike devices; the fine chisels made in Scotland, honed daily on an oilstone in a cedar case; the measuring instruments; the levels with little green eyes; the tapes that stretched out from an oval of brass then sprang back like flat metal tapeworms.
Q I HAVE tried sharpening garden and kitchen tools on an oilstone but it never seems very effective.