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or oe·noch·o·e  (oi-nŏk′ō-ē′)
n. pl. oi·noch·o·es also oi·noch·o·ai (-ō-ī′) or oe·noch·o·es also oe·noch·o·ai (-ō-ī′)
A pitcher with a single handle used by the ancient Greeks and Romans for pouring wine.

[Greek oinokhoē : oinos, wine + khoē, a pouring out; see gheu- in Indo-European roots.]
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Formas Quantidade Skyphos 219 Pelike 2 Oinochoe 261 Lekythos 3 Kantharos 1 Hydria 3 Kylix 3 Total 492 Fonte: Elaboracao do autor, a partir de dados do Beazley Archive.
It is also striking to see how Kasmin has chosen to mount an Etruscan bronze handle from an oinochoe, or wine jug.
In front of Dionysos is a woman who holds a torch in one hand and an oinochoe in the other; behind her and under the other handle is Pan wearing a deerskin.
Over 90 ancient objects are on display including a remarkable Roman marble portrait of a Severan period woman, an exquisite Egyptian red glass head, a beautiful Greek Attic female head oinochoe, a substantial Egyptian wooden anthropomorphic sarcophagus lid, a graceful Cycladic Greek marble head, a haunting pair of Nazca trophy head vessels and a dazzling Inca gold mask.
The vase is a 12.75-inch Roman oinochoe, or wine pitcher, from the 5th to 8th century AD Also returned were three 4-by-3.25-inch 5th century BC gold foil appliques depicting antelopes and two antique coiled gold ornaments from approximately the 17th century, weighing approximately one pound.
On a poorly executed oinochoe from the Etruscan site of Volterra, the painter depicted a bacchante and a nude youth on the vessel's belly, while on the neck is an image of a maenad looking left and rushing right.
The Attic black oinochoe, housed in Berlin's Antikensammlung Staatliche Museen (Nr.
(58) Third, the texture or the overall surface of the clothing might imitate the pot shape, as in the case of the pleats on Oreithyia's skirt, which follow the slope of the lower part of an oinochoe (Fig.
Procedure: Have students research the sources of Marioni's forms such as the "kylix," and the "oinochoe," and the parts of his forms such as the "gambo." How are Marioni's forms similar to and/or different from the ancient counterparts?
That the wine could be drunk on the premises is indicated not only by the lakkos of water, but by an oinochoe hanging on the wall in the background.(8)
Among those containers used for holding or decanting, are the oinochoe, or pitcher-like vessel, and the cup with two horizontal handles and a base.