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Noun1.ola - leaf or strip from a leaf of the talipot palm used in India for writing paper
Corypha umbraculifera, talipot, talipot palm - tall palm of southern India and Sri Lanka with gigantic leaves used as umbrellas and fans or cut into strips for writing paper
writing paper - paper material made into thin sheets that are sized to take ink; used for writing correspondence and manuscripts
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Ola is getting new electric vehicle models for its fleet in Hyderabad.
Tata is also an early investor in ANI Technologies, Ola's parent company.
Ola will also be offering free rides to the local community in Ola green tuk-tuks across Birmingham city centre tomorrow.
Generally cab-hailing markets tend to consolidate around two strong players as seen in North America (Uber and Lyft), India (Ola and Uber) and Southeast Asia (Grab and Go-jek).
Founded in India, Ola is currently the only ride-hailing platform that can be used to book black cabs and private hire vehicles and it hopes to rival Uber.
One of the key differences between Ola and Uber is that the former works with private hire drivers and hackney carriage drivers.
Ola was launched in 2011 and is engaged in an aggressive battle with Uber in India's ride-hailing market, which is estimated to be worth around $10 billion and growing fast.
Ola Money Postpaid that offers a 15 day credit line, is at present being used by more than 10 percent of the cab aggegator's customers and 90 percent of the early adopters have used the offering more than once, it said in a statement.
'Ola deserves to be honored by Bicolanos because he contributed a lot for our liberation and freedom from colonizers,' Guinobatan Mayor Ann Ongjoco said.
General Simeon Ola was born in Guinobatan, Albay on Septembee 2, 1865.
Founded in 2011, Ola operates in more than 110 cities across India and Australia and has more than a million registered drivers.