old bag

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Noun1.old bag - an ugly or ill-tempered womanold bag - an ugly or ill-tempered woman; "he was romancing the old bag for her money"
disagreeable woman, unpleasant woman - a woman who is an unpleasant person
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So I shut him in the porch, with an old bag to lie on, and went to bed.
Let us see, old bag of bones; let us see what it is that you have under your arm
Old bag of bones making curries for men who do not ask "Who cooked this?
Some bad-tempered old bag Actress Charlotte Rampling, 71, on what she sees when she looks in a mirror It used to be when you did a dance number, you did 20 takes at different angles.
He is the founder of Isis" White House hopeful Donald Trump accuses the US President of founding the Islamic State group "Most people think of Victoria as an old bag in a bonnet, don't they?
Their suffering is unimaginable" - Comedian Russell Howard "If a man holds a door open for me or pulls back a chair so that this old bag can sit down, I'm delighted.
And then this afternoon, the judge, sour, henna-haired old bag, banc
That was our decision when our daughter, Megha, asked for a new school bag because her old bag, which was purchased two months before, got spoiled.
But she's not simply a grimy old bag lady who smells of onions and wee (Bennett's wonderful description is of an "odiferous concerto").
If so, it doesn't protect the aiming light nearly as well as the old bag.
The ivory canvas tote bag has lettering that reads "Not an Old Bag.
I think the band must have thought 'we need that old bag Lulu on our tour