old fashioned

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old′ fash′ioned

(sometimes caps.) a cocktail made with whiskey, bitters, water, and sugar.


1. of a kind that is no longer in style.
2. favored or prevalent in former times: old-fashioned ideas.
3. having the conservative behavior, ways, ideas, or tastes of earlier times.
old′-fash′ioned•ly, adv.
old′-fash′ioned•ness, n.
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Noun1.old fashioned - a cocktail made of whiskey and bitters and sugar with fruit slices
whiskey, whisky - a liquor made from fermented mash of grain
cocktail - a short mixed drink
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Like most old fashioned pulpits, it was a very lofty one, and since a regular stairs to such a height would, by its long angle with the floor, seriously contract the already small area of the chapel, the architect, it seemed, had acted upon the hint of Father Mapple, and finished the pulpit without a stairs, substituting a perpendicular side ladder, like those used in mounting a ship from a boat at sea.
Whisky brand The Woodsman has created the contraption, which has been designed to pour Old Fashioned cocktails free of charge.
Surrounded by old fashioned radios, you can relax and enjoy classical music and dim lighting.
The first is Old Fashioned Sweet Cream Sodas, mixed with fizzy carbonated water and flavoured syrups with real, sweet cream and the second is Classic Sweet Cream Sodas made with flavoured syrups and iconic sodas including Dr Pepper, root beer or Coca-Cola mixed with real, sweet cream.
Who can blame Labour supporters, For wanting Jeremy Corbyn to win, After all, he seems an old fashioned left-winger, Who wants slick PC, dumped in the bin.
All John Lewis Most kitchens may have a dishwasher these days, but when it comes to getting that final bit of sparkle you can't beat a bit of good old fashioned elbow grease.
Jacky Teplitzky and her team at Douglas Elliman threw a big, old-fashioned barbecue on the not so old fashioned terrace of her newest penthouse listing at 205 East 59th Street.
Much as I love art, I'm old fashioned enough, like most, to appreciate something I can understand - and that is on canvas.
And "old fashioned" is what the committee has come up with: Pony rides, a scavenger hunt, bean bag toss, bobbing for apples and folk music from start to finish..
Re: Has mechanical, engineering become old fashioned?
ISLAMABAD, August 26, 2011 (Frontier Star): On advent of Eid-ul-Fitr the bangles stalls have been set up in Jinnah Super situated in posh sector F-7/4 but old fashioned metallic and Rashmi bangles have failed to attract or fascinate the customers.
The house where the party was held in Has that great old fashioned thing they call grace The character in it just hits you As soon as you entered the place.