old geezer

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Noun1.old geezer - an elderly manold geezer - an elderly man      
graybeard, greybeard, old man, Methuselah - a man who is very old
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"Leastwise, thirty years ago, when I was in Honolulu, I met a man, an old geezer, who claimed he'd been a harpooner on a whaleship sunk by a whale off the coast of South America.
If you bump into an old geezer on the pavement he will apologise.
Blame the old geezer for dying more than a century ago.
AN old geezer in my office went to see Dublin band HAL and thinks they'll be huge.
Sometime in the future, if you run across a grizzled old geezer out bowhunting somewhere, wearing outdated camo, carrying an old dilapidated recurve, digging a three-bladed Snuffer out of a tree, and spouting some politically incorrect language after just missing a critter, stop and give him a hand.
At the expense of sounding like an old geezer reminiscing about the good ole days when we didn't even have hard drives in our laptops, allow me to provide concrete examples of where we may have been distracted or taken dangerous detours on Route 1:1.
One who is not an old geezer with respect to his view of right and wrong.
"An old geezer from work tried to hold my hand intimately by pretending to look at my wristwatch, saying 'I've never seen such a fine watch.' So obvious!"
"I didn't think that they knew who I was, and I felt like this old geezer," she says.
We miss the Old Geezer, as he often referred to himself.
He's the last because mentors have to be older than you, and I'm getting to be an old geezer myself.
Easy Irving appeared out of character as himself, Joe Stone, a well-preserved thirtysomething with a foofy blond coiffure, a discreet hoop earring, and the uncanny capacity to transform himself instantly into an annoying old geezer who is both deaf and meddlesome, fully capturing the nightmare of living with the hard of hearing.