old wives tale

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old′ wives'′ tale`

a traditional, often superstitious, belief or story.
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Old wives tales or not, the following may just give us an insight into the what's in store over the next few months.
They also explore the dramaturgy of the plays of the Queen's Men, which included The Famous Victories of Henry V, The Old Wives Tale, Friar Bacon and Friar Bungay, and Three Lo rds and Three Ladies of London: the "medley" of different genres in one play; the emblematic characterization and staging; the narrative "overdetermination"; and the preponderance of verse forms other than the blank verse that was to come to dominate the stage.
THE first eight decades of scholarship on The Old Wives Tale left us with a play that is a naive and pleasant conceited comedy, or a satire of romantic comedies, or a flawed representation of the language, methods, and ethos of folk literature.
Is this just an old wives tale or is there any truth in this?
I loved all the old wives tales and people looking at my bump trying to work out if it was a boy or girl in there.
PROVERBS, adages, old wives tales. Call them what you will, but it is amazing how accurate they prove to be most of the time?
Gather round and listen to some fascinating tales from times gone by or take on the 'Old Wives Tales' trail and sort fact from fiction.
In our video above - and using some great readers' picture - we've looked at some of the common beliefs and old wives tales about spiders to see whether the truth really is as bad as we imagine.
To old wives tales some old folk cling, They trust in things beyond the brain.