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Noun1.old-age insurance - insurance paid to the elderly
Social Security - social welfare program in the U.S.; includes old-age and survivors insurance and some unemployment insurance and old-age assistance
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Strange as her example may seem to us today, Hannah saw her son as belonging to God and God's plan for the world rather than as her claim to fame or an old-age insurance policy.
On the 20th anniversary of the Social Security Act, the CES executive director revealed that most of the Senate Committee on Finance "believed old-age insurance to be unconstitutional." (9) And with good reason.
Apparently, universal old-age insurance is a very special branch of finance as far as its original social mission concerned.
* Several regulations relating to capital investment in state-aided old-age insurance have been altered to improve the life segment's performance.
Most of the European nations adopted old-age insurance, and many also provided disability and survivorship benefits.
Davis, the 1937 decision upholding the Social Security Act's old-age insurance provisions, citing three rationales the Court offered: "because the insurance was plainly national in area and dimensions,' that laws of the separate states cannot deal with [old-age insurance] effectively,' and that '[o]nly a power that is national can serve the interests of all.' In so ruling," he continues, "the Court has given us a simple, coherent standard for determining the legitimacy of Congress's handiwork: the laws it enacts must serve a purpose that can only be achieved through action at the national level." With that "test," he believes, we can distinguish, for example, Medicare and Medicaid: "Medicare is a package of medical benefits that attach to the individual wherever he might be.
Roosevelt then proposed the Social Security Act of 1935, which mandated that workers pay--at least in part--for their own old-age insurance.
Second, except in old-age insurance, actual management should be left to the States subject to standards established by the Federal Government.
We seek within the government the approval of two new projects, namely, that of old-age insurance and one related to retirees.
"In the beginning my issue was that my company owed me 12 years of unpaid salary and old-age insurance contributions," said a 38-year-old former receptionist surnamed Liu, adding that she was badly beaten and hospitalised after she first came to Beijing in December, and was now on her third trip.