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or old-fan·gled  (ōld′făng′gəld)
adj. Informal


derogatory out-of-date; old-fashioned
[C20: formed on analogy with newfangled]


(ˈoʊldˈfæŋ gəld)

old-fashioned; of an older kind.
[1835–45; formed after newfangled]
old′fan′gled•ness, n.
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Guillermo del Toro's fantastical fable The Shape of Water, which fuses an old-fangled love of Hollywood films of yesteryear with a timely message of inclusion and tolerance, led the field with 13 nominations.
Britain, Germany, France, Japan, and even Soviet Russia (despite the Soviet pretense of international objectives purely ideological) conducted their diplomacy in a fashion calculated to secure, first of all, old-fangled national advantage; only American political leaders sincerely entertained the fallacy that foreign policy is a facile instrument of "moral righteousness," or that it somehow may open the doors to the Terrestrial Paradise.
It's got a very familiar, old-fangled, no-mystery structure, and that's because it's basically the "Star Trek" version of an interplanetary action film, with a plot that doesn't take you to many new frontiers.
Embracing modernityIt comes as a surprise to many, given its old-fangled feel, that the main industry in Kyoto is information technology andelectronics.
Of course, these gambits were probably a bit more useful when old-fangled double chairlifts ruled.
A little like the attempt to graft Generation Y technology to old-fangled Hollywood panache, their stage personas clashed: Mr.
He retreated from international socialism, but his new-fangled fascism was merely old-fangled socialism, slightly curtailed by an acceptance of State borders.
He retreated from international socialism; but his new-fangled fascism was merely old-fangled socialism, slightly curtailed by an acceptance of State borders.
Populating a mostly merry planet with hip-swiveling, leaping, and ferocious lunging, these hard-working performers received little help from Stockhausen's old-fangled score (chimes, kazoo-type sounds, etc.
The story Weinrich tells, is, in many respects, resolutely old-fangled.
Thus, another aspect of Bittkerian independence was his relentless scrutiny of conventional wisdom, either new-fangled or old-fangled.
The Vatican is the only organisation that can compete with the House of Windsor when it comes to pomp and glitter, and those little old-fangled rites like Black Rod and White Smoke.