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Noun1.old-fashionedness - the property of being no longer fashionable
oldness - the quality of being old; the opposite of newness
quaintness - the quality of being quaint and old-fashioned; "she liked the old cottage; its quaintness was appealing"
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Its old-fashionedness, though, connects to The Elements of Style, making me wonder whether part of what attracted Kalman to the book was a certain pastness.
Their romance is played subtly, despite a certain old-fashionedness, while the setting is well-realised, an idyllic Austrian aristocrat's paradise under threat of Nazi invasion.
(When artists the caliber of Mary Azarian, Barry Moser or Arnold Roth agree to illustrate your books, essentially for the fun of it, you don't presume to micromanage them.) From the old-fashionedness of the poem's subject and the darkness of Mary Azarian's woodcuts followed the choice of Garamond type, which turned out to be a favorite of Kinnell's.
Its old-fashionedness resides in operating on only one level of meaning--albeit a level that is detailed in complex ways.
But I do like the 'old-fashionedness' that you still find around the Oscars, with people getting dressed up."
But when you're talking about the county fair, you've got to get more of that old-fashionedness back into it."