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Adj.1.oldline - adhering to conservative or reactionary principles; "an oldline senator"
right - of or belonging to the political or intellectual right
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And at some point, disruptive innovations become good enough to handle more complicated problems and take over, and the once-leading companies with oldline products go out of business."
The Times article reveals that Republicans claim that the conservative movement's "thunderbolts" are emerging from Gingrich's office, not the oldline Heritage Foundation or Cato Institute: He is "at the zenith of influence in conservative Washington." Frank Luntz says he is the one guy he would consult on bringing the party back: "This guy would be the perfect 'Behind the Music' story, because he was on top, and then he lost it all, and now he's back and bigger than ever.
Meanwhile, there are millions of children in the United States under age 5 needing an alternative to the oldline cold and allergy over-the-counter medications.
As for those wishing to invest in the sector, I'd imagine there are a lot of undervalued oldline companies out there.
"The recent long strike by California grocery workers was provoked by Wal-Mart's downward competitive pressure on the oldline supermarkets," Lichtenstein said.
Peggy Shriver, former president of the Religious Research Association, writes an essay entitled, "Table Manners: Sitting Around the Public Table." She focuses on the relationship between "mainline (sometimes called oldline) denominations" and "the Religious Right" (85).
Even among what can be considered staid, oldline companies, the churn rate is increasing.
This has given oldline media companies the luxury of experimenting (i.e., spending) on uncertain new-media projects without demanding an immediate payoff.
The vast majority of Christian communions - - the Roman Catholic Church, the Orthodox churches, the Evangelical Protestant churches, and some Mainline/ Oldline Protestant churches (now including The United Methodist Church) - - are staunchly opposed to this form of abortion.
Cobb, Jr., professor emeritus at the School of Theology at Claremont, California, writes that the "mainline" churches have become "oldline" and marginal.
"We have to demonstrate to them how the Internet has worked in other oldline industries and how those benefits are applicable to a produce company."