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Many hunters still call them oldsquaws, which is what North American waterfowl managers used to call them as well.
Long-tailed ducks, previously known as oldsquaws, have been a pleasant surprise.
There's been a decrease in golden eye, white scoter and oldsquaws.
It was soon drowned out by the noise of a fishing vessel running the Canadian shore, however, which prompted the feeding oldsquaws to take flight in our direction.
For those who have never hunted eiders, scoters, and oldsquaws, they are, with a few exceptions, birds of winter -- stout flyers eminently capable of negotiating heavy winds and withstanding brutal cold at sea.
BASS PRO SHOPS Cast and manufactured using taxidermy works as reference, RedHead Floating Duck Decoys are currently offered as mallards, green-winged teal, blue-winged teal, wood ducks, wigeon, gadwalls, black ducks, pintails, ring-necked ducks and oldsquaws.
Other ducks, such as northern pintails (Anas acuta) and oldsquaws or long-tailed ducks (Clangula hyemalis), were seen in migratory (and molting) flocks in ponds and along the shoreline, especially at Wrangel Island and at Barrow.
Although scoters, goldeneyes, bufflehead and Aleutian green-winged teal might make a cameo appearance, the leading cast of characters includes harlequins and oldsquaws, trophy birds in themselves.
Oldsquaws are abundant, but you can see thousands of them in April in Newburyport Harbor and 50,000 of them off Nantucket in December.
Food habits of oldsquaws wintering on Lake Michigan.
The oldsquaws, nowadays known by the more politically correct moniker "long-tailed ducks," seemed to follow a predetermined flight path.