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Noun1.oldtimer - an experienced person who has been through many battlesoldtimer - an experienced person who has been through many battles; someone who has given long service
expert - a person with special knowledge or ability who performs skillfully
2.oldtimer - an elderly manoldtimer - an elderly man      
graybeard, greybeard, old man, Methuselah - a man who is very old
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Having his first start since January 2013, he was not entirely footperfect on just his third start over fences but still gave grizzled oldtimer Nozic a good run for his money in a two-mile-one-furlong handicap chase.
Stubborn oldtimer Richard Farnsworth (right) sets out from Iowa on a motor lawnmower to visit his ailing brother in Wisconsin.
BEIJING 2008, TEAM SPRINT - With oldtimer Jason Staff and young tyro Jason Kenny, Hoy's Team GB trio see off France in the final.
And Dominique Maricq, an oldtimer at Herge Studios, told AFP that Hollywood appeared bent "on respecting the spirit of Tintin's world, of not turning him into an American super-hero.
However, in the opening heat, first-bend trouble had allowed Ian Stevens' Thirsty Rooney (T1) to nip round on the inner and, once on the bunny, this strongrunning railer was never likely to be caught, beating Green's oldtimer Mullrook Charley by a shade over three lengths in a time of 24.
Oldtimer recalls how friends and relatives were initially taken aback by her career decision
If you can even find a burger with no cheese or bacon, like Chili's Oldtimer Big Mouth, you're still talking a 5 oz.
A dashing and romantic figure with a beguiling smile, much admired by the ladies, Uren, who was only 21, was advised by an oldtimer that he had been picked for his handling and kicking, not the splendid running that had been such a part of his club game.
Their tournament brings together more than 50 Oldtimer hockey teams from across the United States and Canada to Fitchburg.
I had an exciting week selling a few of my oldtimer cars on Ebay--a novel experience which showed the astonishing reach of this global internet auction.
For a high six-figure sum I treated myself to a Lamborghini, a Hummer and a Cadillac Oldtimer.
The station wagon, which was sold by a private local collector, was bought by Ian Grange, 66, from Manchester, who runs classic car showroom Oldtimer Manchester.