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1. Any of a class of unsaturated open-chain hydrocarbons having at least one double bond.
2. A fiber or fabric made of this material.

[French (gaz) oléfiant, oil-forming (gas), ethylene : Latin oleum, oil; see oil + French -fiant, present participle of -fier, -fy.]

o′le·fin′ic adj.
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(ˈæl kin)

any member of the homologous series of unsaturated, aliphatic hydrocarbons having at least one double bond and the general formula CnH2n, as ethlyene. Also called olefin .
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See alkene.
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Noun1.olefin - any unsaturated aliphatic hydrocarbon
aliphatic compound - organic compound that is an alkane or alkene or alkyne or their derivative
ethene, ethylene - a flammable colorless gaseous alkene; obtained from petroleum and natural gas and used in manufacturing many other chemicals; sometimes used as an anesthetic
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"KBR's innovative catalytic olefin technology fits our corporate development plan well and we believe it can help Lihuayi to further speed up the progress of industry upgrading and to be more competitive in the market."
GS Caltex is eyeing the Olefin industry for future business, the oil refiner announced Wednesday.
Key statement: The present invention provides a random copolymer that is used for manufacturing a rubber having high fracture strength and excellent low loss properties (low heat generation properties) and that includes randomly arranged monomer units of a conjugated diene compound and of a non-conjugated olefin, a rubber composition containing the random copolymer, a crosslinked rubber composition obtained by crosslinking the rubber composition, and a tire manufactured by using the rubber composition or the cross-linked rubber composition.
When the complete unit goes operational, it will have an annual production capacity of 833,000 metric tons per annum, making it the largest single-train Methanol to Olefin unit in the world.
These functionalized dinitroso complexes can undergo olefin exchange reactions to produce the overall C-H functionalized product.
Petrochemical is mainly classified into two type such as olefin (including ethylene and propylene) and aromatics (including benzene, toluene and xylene isomers).
One of the newer materials finding favor in the packaging of modern pharmaceuticals is the family of cyclic olefin polymers and copolymers.
Fuller extended its high-cohesive olefin technology platform with the launch of a new-generation product, the Full-Care 5600 series, as an alternative to traditional rubber-based solutions in the global hygiene market.
The comprehensive reference for synthetic chemists requires no deep knowledge of inorganic and coordination chemistry but provides a contemporary view of the theory and methods of olefin metathesis.
Al-Karna, which takes its name from an ancient Qatari village and refers to a "water well", comprise a steam cracker, a mono ethylene glycol plant, a linear alpha olefin unit and an oxo alcohol unit.
The fire, however, may force Formosa Petrochemical to postpone the resumption of operation of the first olefin plant on August 15, when the third olefin plant is scheduled for shutdown for annual maintenance.